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"We are called to the light to ask for the ability to heal, to soften the challenges, and to express the joy of what it means to be human. We are open to the light in efforts to provide purpose, direction and motivation, and to act on where we are called. We move beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary and create space of possibilities for one's soul to experience grace."Ann Oswald-Laird

What is the Ascension Method?

The Ascension Method is a state of aligning with Truth to manifest One’s purpose, direction and motivation.

Ask yourself, “Am I in relationship with my Higher Self? Do I experience true potentiality? Am I being called to greatness or simply, am I being called to be present to this moment, this time and to this place? If any of these ring true to you continue on and enter in to the matrix of the Ascension Method.

The Ascension Method provides tools and techniques for individuals, groups and corporations to embody the principle of pure potentiality. In other words, it a method that utilizes tools and practices that empower individuals to align with their greatness and/or the greatness of the group to manifest from a higher perspective enabling abundance, prosperity, financial freedom and Divine creation to be present in the practices of daily living and/or corporate strategies.

The Ascension Method is a tool or resource that aligns you, the receiver, with the information, the words and inspiration directly from Source to empower you. Ultimately, you are presented with clarity, purpose, direction and motivation along with the ability to release blockages that have created and/or manifested challenges in one’s life. To encounter the Ascension Method is to walk through the doors of pure potentiality. In doing so, one aligns with Grace to fulfill one’s purpose and to do so with ease.

Like an individual, a business and or corporation have its own signature, which could also be known, as a morphic field. The morphic field is an energetic vibration that is entangled in the experiences of a corporation that is imbedded in the information. The influence on corporate leaders, employees, customers, media and so on is evident in the outcome, results and profits.

The Ascension Method relies on the Higher consciousness, God consciousness to unfold the techniques and tools necessary. It is an act of allowing the presence of Divine intelligence to run the show and to bring forth the clarity, creativity and wisdom required in any situation. In doing so, the ability to transcend obstacles and blockages that have been present begin to take place. The art of allowing an individual and or corporation to move out of victimization and into self-actualization empowers the manifestation and aligns All with success.

The Ascension Method is designed to meet the receiver(s) just where they are. To align with their greatness by allowing the information to be presented just how and where the receiver(s) can best assimilate. To foster a sacred space of transformation the symbol, “Notice what you notice” is the primal mover that allows the flow of pure potentiality to navigate the individual and/or corporate sessions. The allowing of information to present it's self is done without interpretation. Whatever shows up is presented in its purest form.

This state of allowing and the holding of the Sacred Space is the key factor in the overall transformation of our clients and their corporations. To manifest a Sacred Space where you the client can receive information from a higher perspective in alignment with your greatness is our gift to you.

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The Ascension Method utilizes:
• Akashic Record
The Akashic Record is a continuous band of information, a library of information that resides in the earth’s energetic signature. It holds all information to include all past, present and future potentiality. In a humanistic sense, it holds key information regarding our very existence, our purpose, blocks, and the potentiality for clearing any energetic signature that keeps us from becoming or achieving our full potential.

Lightwave is an energy infusion process that heralds from the Pleadian Star system to work in harmony with our biological systems brought forth from Bryan DeFlores. Working in relations with Higher Self the infusion process recalibrates and makes changes necessary for ascension.

Matrix Energetics utilizes the state of pure potentiality of allowing the field of Quantum Physics to manifest observable changes, an opportunity for something else to show up, to create modules, templates, and access fields of information and to time travel.

Craniosacral Therapy is the art of aligning with stillness and in doing so shifts trauma patterns that disempowered. It is the energetic pattern of returning to OM, the breathe of creation. It is the reunion of indigenous ways.

Reiki Masters is the art of allowing pure potentiality and Grace to align the heart with Sacred Space. It is the master presenting in physical form an avenue to Source.

Seven Sacred Flames are the Rays of:

Master El Morya: Blue Flame of Surrender and Protection
Lord Lantos: Yellow Flame of Illumination and Wisdom
Paul the Venetian: Pink Flame of Cosmic Love
Serapes Bay: White Flame of Purity
Master Hilarion: Green Flame of Healing and manifestation
Lord Sananda and Lady Nada: Purple and Gold Flame of Resurrection
Saint Germain: Violet Flame of Purification
Channeling from various Ascended Masters and Archangels

“I allow myself to receive Divine Wisdom to empower me to move into my greatness.

I am safe. I am loved. I am Grace."

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