Distance Template Multi-Body Alignments

Distance Template Multi-Body Alignments
allows individuals and groups to receive comprehensive body, mind and/or spiritual alignments with ease and comfort. Distance Template Multi-Body alignments have been accessed by Robert & Ann specifically through their continued commitment to accessing their potentiality in their Ascension process. This transformative information has manifested through their diligent personal work in the Akashic Record and Channeling sessions with Ascended Masters, Archangels and God sanctioned Beings.

DTMBA’s are programs that are specific to each individual or group accessed through the channeling of Divine energy and the vast morphic field of Cosmic Consciousness. The process involves a creative experience of pure potentiality between client and or group and facilitator(s). The alignments are specific to each client and or group tailored to the mental, physical and emotional needs of the whole. Through this process they access and balance your Multi-Dimensional Body integration system aligning your mental, physical, emotion, spiritual and elemental bodies. It is recommended that you ask your inner guides which alignment to begin with however we received the information as followed. Step one:

Chakra Alignments:
Chakras are our energy centers. They allow universal energy to flow into and out of our auric field. The chakras regulate the flow of energy to our physical, mental and emotional bodies and when clear and aligned the natural healing qualities flow generously through our body. The chakras are not physical but rather aspects of our consciousness and each chakra regulates various aspects of our mental, physical and emotional states. Chakra Balancing is an effective way of releasing any stagnant energy and allowing our Chakras to be clear and balanced.
There are many benefits to having regular Chakra Clearing Sessions including:

• more energy, clarity and focus
• attaining a peaceful, more centered feeling
• a healthy, energetically balanced body
• release of long standing physical or emotional issues
• the ability to handle the details of life more effectively and efficiently

Think of your Chakras as a gateway to the heavens. It is the accessibility of Light and Love to flow through your Chakras that enables you to be more congruent with your five bodies (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and elemental). As you access more Light and Love your Chakras intuitively align accessing another layer of vortex energy strengthening the connections and allowing the information to be heightened. It is about fine tuning your accessibility to information.

Accessing your chakra template to create fluidity and ease in the transmission of energy in and through the chakratic field. Access downloads that manifest the input of layering to your chakra systems to increase potentiality and the increase Light within your Lightbody.

• Realigns the spiritual enlightenment templates
• Spiritual attunement
• Enhance your relationship between self and others
• Increase intuitive capacity
• Strengthens your connectedness to your other five bodies
• Activates your multi-dimensional chakratic system

Multi-Body Alignments:
Accessing your five bodies: elemental, physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. Creating harmony and integration to increase the connectedness of all five bodies. It is in the connectedness of all five bodies that you can have access to youth, vitality, clairvoyance, receptivity and a knowingness that unifies your experiences.
As human beings we tend to focus much of our attention on our physical body since it is our main vehicle in this existence. However, maintaining the physical body is only one aspect of who we truly are. In the simplest terms there are five essential Bodies that we, as humans are required to maintain for optimal health and balance within our lives.

Physical Body - we are best acquainted with this body for obvious reasons. We use the physical body in nearly everything we do, whether we are working, resting or playing. Perhaps the most obvious reason is that it is clearly visible to us.

Mental Body - Our consciousness and intuition. The mental body is our “software”. Our thought processes are derived from our mental body.

Spiritual Body - The spiritual body is responsible for our ascension journey. It is used when we astral travel and while we are sleeping it is upgraded unconsciously while our physical bodies rest. It attains higher forms of intuitive knowledge and anchors us in God/universal consciousness.

Emotional Body - The emotional body operates in the field of emotions, desires and imagination. Although, other bodies generate thought forms the emotional body lends power to the manifestation and desire, which can best be described as thoughts to form.

Etheric Body - The connection between the Spirit and the physical could be referred to as an aura, lightbody, and soul… To balance is to create a harmony between the bodies to allow an intuitive passage.

Elemental Body - Consists of the five body elementals: Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Cosmic elementals that balances our connection to our environment. Each elemental is in relation to the full potentiality of our aligning with the manifestation of possibilities.

Earth: Grounding, Protective, Connection to form...
Fire: Creativity, Passion. Expansion
Air: Potentiality, Possibilities, Breathe,
Water: Fluidity, Support, Flexibility

• Release ancestral patterns
• Triggers the body to its natural healing potential
• Increases energy and the healing process
• Intuitive enhancement
• Release stress and anxiety
• Dissipate fear patterns

Auric Field Alignment:
Channeled process of accessing the etheric energy field and developing a template that serves the process of Ascension, establishes healthy boundaries, reintegrates the bodies and unites one and or the group to their Higher Self overlay. Enhances your potentiality to move beyond the 3rd dimensional restrictions into the 4th, 5th and beyond dimensions. This allows you expansion beyond your physical limitations, removes attachments, stagnation, and aligns you with your purpose. This process anchors your relationship with and to your Higher Self. It is a stepping stone that ignites the path of Ascension. In doing so, reconnects you to Higher Intelligence also known as the Akashic Record.

• Rebalances your energy field
• Establishing healthy relationships
• Self Love, joy and the ability to receive
• Brings clarity to your souls purpose
• Activates your potentiality to shift into your purpose
• Expands you beyond your physical potentiality
• Creates a connection with your guides, angels and Source


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