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Chakra Alignments:
Chakras are our energy centers. They allow universal energy to flow into and out of our auric field. The chakras regulate the flow of energy on our physical, mental and emotional bodies and when clear and aligned the natural healing qualities flow generously through our body.

There are many benefits to having regular Chakra Clearing Sessions including:
• more energy, clarity and focus
• attaining a peaceful, more centered feeling
• a healthy, energetically balanced body
• release of long standing physical or emotional issues
• the ability to handle the details of life more effectively and efficiently

Contact us for more information or to schedule a Chakra Alignments Session.

Chakra Alignment
Personal Consultation

• Multi-Body Alignments:
Accessing your five bodies: elemental, physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. Creating harmony and integration to increase the connectedness of all five bodies. It is in the connectedness of all five bodies that you can have access to youth, vitality, clairvoyance, receptivity and a knowingness that unifies your experiences.

• Release ancestral patterns
• Triggers the body to its natural healing potential
• Increases energy and the healing process
• Intuitive enhancement
• Release stress and anxiety
• Dissipate fear patterns

Contact us for more information or to schedule a Multi-Body Alignments Session.

Multi-Body Alignment
Personal Consultation

•Spiritual & Life Coaching :
Reach your true potential and create a life filled with Purpose, Joy & Happiness. Learn to listen to your inner voice that inherently guides Us on a path toward our dreams.

•Learn to listen to your "Inner Voice"
•Identify your purpose, goals & aspirations
•Find Clarity & Inner strength to free yourself from limiting beliefs
• Intuitive enhancement
• Release stress and anxiety
•Release attachments

Contact us for more information or to schedule a Spiritual Coaching Session.

Spiritual Coaching
1 Hour Personal or Couple Consultation
$90.00 or $143.00
Spiritual Coaching

• Auric Field Alignment
Channeled process of accessing the etheric energy field and developing a template that serves the process of Ascension, establishes healthy boundaries, reintegrates the bodies and unites one and or the group to their Higher Self overlay. Enhances your potentiality to move beyond the 3rd dimensional restrictions into the 4th, 5th and beyond dimensions. Rebalances your energy field.

• Establishing healthy relationships
• Self Love, joy and the ability to receive
• Brings clarity to your souls purpose
• Activates your potentiality to shift into your purpose
• Expands you beyond your physical potentiality
• Creates a connection with your guides, angels and Source

Contact us for more information or to schedule an Auric Field Alignment.

Auric Field Alignment
Personal Consultation

• Elemental Balancing
Elemental Balancing re-calibrates and strengthens the connection with our core composition. Utilizing the elements:

Earth: Grounding, Protective and Connection
Fire: Creativity, Passion. Expansion
Air: Potentiality, Possibilities, Breathe
Water: Fluidity, Support, Flexibility
Elemental Balancing reawakens primal aspects of our Higher Self.

Contact us for more information or to schedule an Elemental Balaning Session.

Elemental Balancing
Personal Consultation

• Akashic Record
The Akashic Record is a continuous band of information, a library of information that resides in the earth’s energetic signature. It holds all information to include all past, present and future potentiality. In a humanistic sense, it holds key information regarding our very existence, our purpose, blocks, and the potentiality for clearing any energetic signature that keeps us from becoming or achieving our full potential.

Contact us for more information or to schedule an Akashic Records Session. Please schedule session prior to paying via paypal.

Akashic Record Consultation
Personal Consultation

• Lightwave
Lightwave is an energy infusion process that heralds from the Pleadian Star system to work in harmony with our biological systems brought forth from Bryan DeFlores. Working in relations with Higher Self the infusion process recalibrates and makes changes necessary for ascension.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a Lightwave Session. Please schedule session prior to paying via paypal.

Lightwave Energetic Session
Personal Consultation

• Matrix Energetics
Matrix Energetics utilizes the state of pure potentiality of allowing the field of Quantum Physics to manifest observable changes, an opportunity for something else to show up, to create modules, templates, and access fields of information and to time travel.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a Matrix Energetics Session. Please schedule session prior to paying via paypal.

Matrix Energetics Session
Personal Consultation

• Craniosacral Therapy
Cranialsacral Therapy is the art of aligning with stillness and in doing so shifts trauma patterns that disempowered. It is the energetic pattern of returning to OM, the breathe of creation. It is the reunion of indigenous ways.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a Craniosacral Therapy Session.

Craniosacral Therapy Session
Personal Consultation

• Reiki
Reiki is the art of allowing pure potentiality and Grace to align the heart with Sacred Space. It is the master presenting in physical form an avenue to Source.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a Reiki Session.

Personal Consultation

• Seven Sacred Flames are the Rays of:

Master El Morya: Blue Flame of Surrender and Protection
Lord Lantos: Yellow Flame of Illumination and Wisdom
Paul the Venetian: Pink Flame of Cosmic Love
Serapes Bay: White Flame of Purity
Master Hilarion: Green Flame of Healing and manifestation
Lord Sananda and Lady Nada: Purple and Gold Flame of Resurrection
Saint Germain: Violet Flame of Purification
Channeling from various Ascended Masters and Archangels


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