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Ascension Essential Sprays
Channeled and infused through Cosmic Consciousness, Ascension Essential Sprays are created to align you with pure potentiality and in doing so meet you where you are. The realm of possibilities is in relation to you, your Higher Self and the Cosmic Universe. In other words, each spray is manifested to be in alignment with your personal Ascension journey.
Using only the purest ingredients and organic essential oils. 4 oz. Glass Spray Bottles.

Chakra Essential Spray
Think of your chakras as a gateway to the heavens. It is the accessibility of Light and Love to flow through your chakras that enables you to be more congruent with your five bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and elemental). As you access more light and love your chakras intuitively align by accessing another layer of vortex energy strengthening connections and allowing access to information to be heightened. It is about fine-tuning access to information.

• More energy, clarity and focus
• Attaining a peaceful, more centered feeling
• A healthy, energetically balanced body
• Release of long standing physical or emotional issues
• The ability to handle the details of life effectively/efficiently

Chakra Essential Spray
4 oz. Glass Spray Bottle

Multi Body Essential Spray
As human beings we tend to focus much of our attention on our physical body since it is our main vehicle in this existence. However, maintaining the physical body is only one aspect of who we truly are. In the simplest terms there are five essential Bodies that we, as humans maintain for optimal health and balance within our lives: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Elemental.

• Release ancestral patterns
• Triggers the body to its natural healing potential
• Increases energy and the healing process
• Intuitive enhancement
• Release stress and anxiety
• Dissipate fear patterns

Multi Body Essential Spray
4 oz. Glass Spray Bottle

Aura Essential Spray

This allows you expansion beyond your physical limitations, removes attachments, stagnation, and aligns you with your purpose. This process anchors your relationship with and to your Higher Self. It is a stepping-stone that ignites the path of Ascension.

• Rebalances your energy field
• Establishing healthy relationships
• Self Love, joy and the ability to receive
• Brings clarity to your souls purpose
• Activates your potentiality to shift into your purpose
• Expands you beyond your physical potentiality

Aura Essential Spray
4 oz. Glass Spray Bottle

Prosperity Essential Spray
Prosperity is the full expression of being in alignment with your Higher Self to manifest experiences that allow access to Joy. Therefore, in joy you begin to shed hesitation, doubt, fear, mistrust…. And ignites Passion. Call forth the light to ignite passion. It manifests the death and resurrection and the birth of potentiality. This spray clears the path to an alignment with Divine Will.

•To move beyond Freewill and to align with Divine Will.
•Ignite reason for Being, Higher Self, and your Destiny.
•Move with ease to abundance, prosperity, and financial success.
•Remember money is just a frequency.

Prosperity Essential Spray
4 oz. Glass Spray Bottle

Clearing/Cleansing Spray

Release the pain of being human and step into an ease of living. Dispense lower frequencies, clear entities, untangle stagnation, and allow higher frequencies to heal, to mend and to manifest clarity. Release that which is not of you or yours. Clears the air, creates experiences that manifest change, fosters right relationships and create opportunities for resolution.

•Let Go.
•Manifest change.
•Experience resolution.
•Clear yourself and step into ease
•Clear the environment: your home, office, hotel room, hospital……

Clearing/Cleansing Essential Spray
4 oz. Glass Spray Bottle

Metaphysical Stones and Crystals

Stones and crystals are an excellent resource that effectively expands our connection with Cosmic Consciousness. The crystals available are a resource that enables you, the receiver, to communicate with higher frequencies to best assimilate information. Their metaphysical properties encompass a vast array of information that best utilizes the pure potentiality of possibilities allowing the receiver to shift, heal, expand and align with their Ascension path.

Akashic Ascension crystals can upon request be infused, programmed and templated specifically for the receiver. In other word, Robert & Ann can program your desired crystal with a template that assists you on your ascension path. Just click on the infusion tab on the order and contact page and write a brief description. Additionally, a detailed list of stones and crystals is available where you can select the one that addresses your specific need. To better assist you a brief description of the metaphysical properties is included. Additionally, we recommend “The Crystal Bible” both 1 & 2 available on our site.

Click Here for PDF of Metaphysical Stones.



Ascension jewelry is a manifestation of pure potentiality aligning the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and elemental bodies. Ascension jewelry aligns the receiver with the aspect of their higher self, allowing the manifestation of one’s light body to unfold. Each piece is templated with the matrix that allows the integration of all five bodies and the ascension of the light body. All of our specialty jewelry is hand selected by Robert and Ann. We purchase all of our faceted and cabochon stone jewelry from artist that express desire and passion for their work.

Larimar Cuff Bracelet
Sterling Silver Artist Larimar Cuff Bracelet 
Stunning artist design larimar cuff, .925 sterling silver. One of a kind piece. Larimar is a beautiful that harmonizes the body and soul to new vibrations. It stimulates the third eye, heart, crown and throat chakras.


Books, Tarot & Oracle Cards

Seeking information from higher vibrational frequencies can be accessed in a manner that is playful in spirit. The act of reading Tarot and Oracle cards allows divine information to unfold easily and effortlessly. Immerse yourself in the energy of Angels, Archangels, Fairies, Ascended Masters and other Divine energies.


The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide To Crystals 
Beautifully illustrated, The Crystal Bible offers a comprehensive guide to crystals, their shapes, colors and applications. With informative descriptions and an easy-to-use format, it is an indispensable practical handbook for crystal lovers and users everywhere--both beginner and expert alike.

The Crystal Bible 2
If you loved "The Crystal Bible," you'll definitely love this new edition! With over 200 additional healing stones, you can further your learning of how crystals can be used to heal and their other valuable properties.

Oracle Cards:

Archangel Michael Oracle Cards: 44 Card Deck & Guidebook
Archangel Michael is a beloved and powerful protector and trustworthy guide. He knows your life’s purpose and the best steps for you to take next. The 44 cards in this deck feature messages for you from Archangel Michael and incredible paintings of this magnificent angel.

Archangel Oracle Cards: 45 Card Deck & Guidebook
Archangels are very powerful, wise, and loving guides who can motivate and heal you in miraculous ways. This deck of 45 oracle cards by Doreen Virtue will familiarize you with the 15 archangels, give you messages from them, help you invoke them, and answer some of your important life questions.

Healing with the Angels Oracle Deck
Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards - Forty-four divination cards, each with a different beautiful victorian-style or old master-style angel picture, and words signifying their meaning. There are no negative or frightening cards in this deck - each carries a positive, and healing picture and meaning.

Messages from your Angels Oracle Cards
This card deck makes it even easier than ever to give an amazingly accurate angel reading for yourself or others. Each card has a gorgeous angel painting, along with a one or two sentence message. The messages are specific and to the point, which makes for angel readings that have specific details and guidance.

Daily Guidance Oracle Cards
This 44-card deck (with accompanying guidebook) offers comforting and uplifting messages to set a positive and healing tone for the day. It also functions as a divination tool, as you can ask a question and find the message that gives you guidance and answers. This work is designed to help you stay centered in peacefulness throughout the day, and to remember that your angels are always beside you, ready to help you with every area of your life. I designed this deck of oracle cards to give you daily reminders of your angels’ love and presence.

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards
The goddesses are angelic, powerful, loving beings who want to help you with every part of your life. In this set of 44 oracle cards you'll learn who the different cross-cultural goddesses are and how they can help you. Each card gives you a specific message about how you can improve your life, health, relationships, finances, career, and spiritual path. The gorgeous artwork on each card depicts Kuan Yin, Laksmi, Brigit, Isis, and Athena, as well as goddesses from Celtic, Mayan, Egyptian, Greek, Tibetan, Buddhist, and other traditions.

Ascended Masters Oracle Cards
By popular demand, Doreen Virtue has created a beautiful deck of cards based on her best-selling book Archangels & Ascended Masters. The deck includes gorgeous paintings of 44 male and female cross-cultural deities, such as Ganesha, Merlin, Saint-Germain, Apollo, Pallas Athena, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Jesus, Moses, Yogananda, Green Man, and Kuthumi.


Power Animals
Shamans believe that everyone has power animals - animal spirits which reside with each individual adding to their power and protecting them.

Native American Nights
Niall returns with a calming tribute to the Great Indigenous People of North America. ?Native American Nights is a beautiful relaxing album that invites the listener to a place of tranquility around the camp fire under a wondrous starry night sky.

Spirit of the Shaman
Niall creates wonderful magical imagery in this inspiring tribute to the Shaman. There is a real sense of all the many tribes coming together for the Gathering. The rhythmic energy and mystery within Nialls music celebrates the medicine man and his great wisdom and teachings

Summoning the spirit - A Tribute to the Native American People
An inspiring tribute to the Native American people - Chris Conway’s spiritual soundscapes provide a haunting backdrop to Will Pimlett’s traditional native flutes and the timeless wisdom of Michael Looking Coyote.


Shaman Workshop
Shaman Workshop is a spiritual journey in which we enter an altered state of consciousness to experience new knowledge, empowerment, healing, new insights and spiritual guidance.

Crystal Workshop
With over 10 years of teaching experience, top U.K crystal expert Philip Permut guides and takes us through the world of crystals.

Journey to the Faerie Ring
Journey to the Faerie Ring is a spoken guided meditation by top faerie expert and author Alicen Geddes-Ward. The Meditation includes detailed sleeve notes by Alicen and offers advice on how to meditate with the faeries.


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